Prayer Times for Harrow: 20 August 2018
Fajr: 04:02, Shurooq: 04:16
Zuhr: 05:55, Asr: 13:05
Sunset: 16:59, Isha: 20:14

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Recent Events

Within the last few months, the Youth Committee have organised numerous events. Some of the following events contain links to photos or details about each of them.

  • Games Night

      On March 23rd 2012, a games night was held at Mahfil. It ran into the early hours of the morning and there were a variety of games on offer including Nintendo Wii, Scrabble, Pictionary and Risk to name a few. We intend to hold another Games Night very soon!

  • Milad un Nabi Dinner

      On February 25th 2012, a fine three-course dinner was held at Mahfil. The centre was polished up and decorations were placed over tables. Imran, Hannah and Aleena Dewji spoke brilliantly about the Prophet, narrating his early life to the audience. Maryam and Mahdi Karim recited Quran eloquently. Mohammed Yusuf blessed the evening with his gifted voice reciting poetry.

  • Ibn Battuta’s incredible "Journey to Mecca" at the IMAX

      The SICM Youth marked their first summer day trip with a family Movie entitled "Journey to Mecca" about Ibn Battuta's Travels. The group set off at midday on the hottest day of the year (so far, we pray for more great sunshine) armed with train tickets and bags filled with healthy snacks and cold drinks. The food had been kindly prepared by members of the SICM youth committee bright and early in the morning. The group travelled from the Mehfil site to Waterloo's famous IMAX theatre where we settled for the movie. The movie was an insight into one of the greatest Muslim travellers of all time - Ibn Battuta. The parable showed Muslim ethics and of course went over the all important religious experience of Hajj. Astronomers have named a crater on the moon after Ibn battuta to remember him till this day. After the movie we took the short walk to the jubilee gardens by the millennium wheel, where we enjoyed the healthy range of food under the cool shade of the promenade trees. We embarked on an enjoyable walk along the River Thames which was filled with thriving stalls, street attractions and the vibe of London. Along the Thames we saw the great notable sights of London including the Houses of Parliament and the famous Millennium bridge. After crossing the bridge we arrived at St Paul's Cathedral where we paused to admire the intricate architecture before returning on the Underground.

  • Haiti Fundraiser

      On January 21st 2010, a fund raiser was held by SICM Youth to collect money for those suffering due to the Haiti earthquake. Over 1000 was collected and, through Muslim Aid, sent to Haiti.