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09:30 - 12:30 Tuition Classes
Tuition classes
Every Sunday, Tuition classes for Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology will be taking place for years 9-13.

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18:30 - 19:30 Martial Arts
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Woodcock Hill Cemetery

Woodcock Hill, Harefield Road, Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
Click here for a map.


  • Burial Policy
  • List of graves


    Burial Policy
    To see the full policy in PDF format, please click here.

    BW Foundation has pre-purchased 200 grave spaces at Woodcock Hill Cemetery for Muslim burials in a plot known as Section J. This plot is adjacent to the existing plot for Muslim burials at the cemetery, for which BW Foundation is also responsible. Section J will be used for burials from early 2014.


    In the previous plot, graves were initially dug in sequence and then later in a haphazard way. In consequence considerable space has been lost which could have been used more effectively. The length and width of individual graves also varies resulting in a discordant appearance. Similarly, the layout for infant graves and for half graves has not been planned and this has resulted in variable and uneven distribution and loss of viable space.

    The shortage of cemetery space in the London area is a known issue. The BW Foundation has a responsibility to ensure that the space available is used in the most efficient way according to Islamic jurisprudence.

    BW Foundation as the owner of the graves is ultimately responsible for the memorials at Woodcock Hill Cemetery. Currently many families have erected memorials and in many cases without the requisite planning permission and permit from the Council. Some of these unauthorised memorials have been assessed by the Council as an accident risk for visitors. It is possible that the Council will direct that these unauthorised memorials are removed and BW Foundation may be held financially responsible for removal and restoration.


    Policy for burials in Section J, Woodcock Hill Cemetery

    1. The graves in section J will be angled so that the body can be interred to face Mecca as required for Muslim burials.
    2. Graves will be filled from left to right when facing South (looking uphill).
    3. The grave size will be standard as agreed with Three Rivers Council.
    4. The layout of the section will be in the style of a lawn cemetery (Figure).
    5. All gravestones will be of a standard format as illustrated (Figure).
    6. A header plinth will be installed in advance on each row, to receive the standard headstone.
    7. The style of the headstone, the font, gold colour and the "Bismillah" motif will be standard on all graves. Families will be able to determine the text of the inscription.
    8. In line with Council policy, it will not be permissible to place extraneous tokens (e.g. toys, plaques etc.) on the graves.
    9. There will be an additional standard charge (reviewed annually or as appropriate) and currently approximately £850 payable in advance to cover the cost of the headstone and plinth, which will form part of the total costs of burial at Woodcock Hill Cemetery.
    10. Internments will be sequential with no spaces being left between graves and pre-selection of the grave space will not be possible.
    11. BW Foundation, as the owner of the grave spaces, may adopt other rules from time to time to aid in its goal of good management and maintenance of the graves and in keeping with prevailing legislation.

      List of Muslim Graves
      Plot H

      Number Name Date Of Death
      H001 Gulamali Hassanali ASARIA 1989-04-06
      H003 B Baby Ebtehal Faisal GHAZWAN 1989-08-15
      H002 Rahemtulla Hassanali ASARIA 1989-09-11
      H005 Mustafa BEHBEHANI 1990-02-08
      H004 Asghari Begum REZVI 1990-02-26
      H003 A Baby Tahera Salma NAWROZADEH 1990-03-27
      H006 Waris HASSANAIN 1990-09-13
      H008 B Baby Moyyad FILAN 1990-12-15
      H008 C Amputated Arm (FEMALE) 1990-12-16
      H008 A Baby Akbar MOHAMEDALI 1990-12-19
      H010 Qurban Abbas Jetha PARDHAN 1991-02-05
      H009 B Baby AL-Neb Ibrahim MEAR 1991-04-15
      H012 Nezhad BEHBEHANI 1991-05-10
      H011 Roshanali Mohamedhussein DATOO 1991-09-20
      H009 A Baby Fatima Dhia AL-MOUSAWI 1991-09-30
      H007 Gulamhussein VISANJI 1991-11-04
      H013 Sami Naji Mihammed AL-NAJJAR 1991-11-12
      H014 Roshanali Mohamed RAFFIQ 1991-12-27
      H018 Gulamhaider Gulamhussein MOMIN 1992-01-05
      H022 A Baby Sakina SOMANI 1992-03-08
      H023 Nadira Sadik ALLAWI 1992-03-09
      H015 Shamim Husseinali YUSUFALI 1992-06-01
      H020 Zehra JAFFER 1992-06-14
      H022 B Baby AL-SAADI 1992-07-20
      H021 Seyyid Mahmood HASSAN 1992-08-13
      H025 B Still-born BABY 1992-09-22
      H024 Abul Fazl PARVIN 1992-09-30
      H017 Saleem Hamza Habib CHATOO 1992-10-04
      H026 Adil Akhtar MERALI 1992-10-15
      H016 Aliemam Gulamali NASSER 1992-11-02
      H019 Jafferali Rashid JAGANI 1992-12-05
      H029 B Baby HUSSEINI 1993-01-13
      H028 Khairoonnisa Anwarali DHARAS 1993-01-15
      H030 Sarahbanu MOMIN 1993-01-26
      H033 Khatijabai Mohammed RAFIQ 1993-03-03
      H031 Mohamed Gulamhusein DHARSI 1993-03-15
      H025 A Baby Sabina AL-WAZZAN 1993-03-19
      H032 Maryambanu RAHEMTULLA 1993-03-24
      H027 Kulsum Fazal Ali MOHAMED 1993-04-01
      H036 Nouria Abdul Rasoul AHMED 1993-07-12
      H035 Khalil ROUHIFAR 1993-07-23
      H034 Mohsinali Gulamali LADAK 1993-12-07
      H029 A Baby MOHSEN TAKI 1994-01-24
      H037 Jamalali Mohamedali RAHEMTULLA 1994-03-15
      H038 Mohamedtaki Wallimohamed MERALI 1994-05-21
      H039 Rosemin Bashir PIRBHAI 1994-07-27
      H042 B Baby Mohamed LADAK 1994-10-13
      H041 Seyyid Maqsood Hussain SHAH 1994-10-21
      H040 Saida Saleh KHASSAS 1994-11-08
      H044 Gulamali HIRJI 1995-01-25
      H042 A Baby Sakina PIRANI 1995-02-25
      H045 Hassanali HIRJI 1995-02-27
      H046 Jiwad Kadum AABOOD 1995-03-14
      H048 B Baby Twins NAQAVI 1995-03-23
      H048 A Baby Abdula AL-ATIEYA 1995-04-04
      H053 A Baby Seyyid RIZVI 1995-05-09
      H049 Seyyid Zakir Mehdi RIZVI 1995-07-17
      H050 Seyyid Tassaduq HUSSAIN 1995-07-27
      H051 Gulamhussein DAYA 1995-08-26
      H052 Seyyid Jamil Hussein BOKHARI 1995-08-31
      H054 Sarwar Hamid HUSSAIN 1995-09-18
      H053 B Still-born BABY 1995-10-08
      H055 Roshanali Damji RATANI 1995-10-10
      H058 B Baby Abdullah AL-ABOUDI 1995-10-27
      H056 Mohamedali Nurali CHAGPAR 1995-11-25
      H043 Badrulsharah MODARESI 1995-12-01
      H047 Fatima KABA 1995-12-07
      H061 Asghar JAFFER 1996-01-02
      H059 Hamid AL-HAKIM 1996-01-17
      H060 Hussain Jalali FARHANI 1996-01-31
      H075 A Baby GARAWI 1996-02-11
      H062 Amir Hassan ABADSAFIAN 1996-02-19
      H063 Raza Hussein Nazarali MERALI 1996-03-03
      H065 Zaki AL-SARRAF 1996-03-13
      H075 B Baby HAZA 1996-04-10
      H066 Aqeel Ali Raza SHEIKH 1996-04-15
      H067 Muhsin Ridha Abdul HUSSAIN 1996-04-24
      H068 Hormatossadat MERADJI 1996-04-29
      H058 A STILL BORN 1996-06-25
      H071 Bisher Zaid Hussain AL KAZEMI 1996-08-13
      H072 Aminabai Husein VISRAM 1996-08-19
      H070 Ahmed Rawzi AL NAQEEB 1996-09-07
      H069 Shukriyah SHABAA 1996-10-05
      H073 Sakinabai Hussein Nasser LAKHA 1996-10-14
      H074 Shariffali JETHA 1996-10-30
      H057 Adnan Mohsinali AL-MOTLAK 1996-11-01
      H064 Tasneem Fatima SHEIKH 1996-11-03
      H076 Hussein Kassamali Jivraj MEGHJI 1996-12-14
      H077 Kemal Hayder SHAH 1996-12-19
      H079 Fida Hussain DHARAMSI Pardhan 1996-12-30
      H082 Kaneez Fatima SIBTAIN 1997-01-14
      H083 Dhia JUMAILY 1997-03-20
      H086 Ahmad MERADJI 1997-03-21
      H096 Kulsumbai Gulamhussein VISANJI 1997-04-07
      H090 Aminabai JUMA 1997-04-29
      H092 Sugrabai Isak Ismail KHAMISA 1997-05-08
      H100 Walid Ali OBEID 1997-05-11
      H094 Fatmabai Mohamedjaffer K Gulamhusein 1997-05-17
      H085 Kulsumbai ALARAKHIA 1997-05-17
      H080 Kulsumbai RAHEMTULLA Damani 1997-06-01
      H093 Wilayat SHAH 1997-06-05
      H088 Sakinabai Hassanali NURMOHAMED 1997-06-05
      H078 A Fatima AL-MUSAWI 1997-06-08
      H078 B Baarbeck RASHIDI 1997-07-02
      H081 Amatulla SETRANJIWALA 1997-08-03
      H087 Nazik HADI 1997-08-04
      H089 Mouloud AFRASIABI 1997-08-05
      H095 B Abbasali Hassanain MERALI 1997-09-06
      H098 Lamia Ali Mohammed SHARIF 1997-09-08
      H102 Kulsum Husein KARMALI 1997-09-27
      H097 Mirza Iltifat HUSSAIN 1997-09-28
      H091 Hussain Mohammed AL-SADER 1997-10-07
      H109 Abdul Amir NAWAB 1997-10-21
      H099 Talib Husain Muhammad AL-SHIBIB 1997-10-21
      H095 A Kassem Khalil KASSAB 1997-11-18
      H084 Hussain AL-HABOUBI 1997-12-02
      H103 Ridha MUHAMMAD 1997-12-12
      H104 Hayat Abduljalil AL-Mansouri 1998-01-16
      H110 Hashem AL-SAEED 1998-01-17
      H113 Werzer Ali BOSKANI 1998-01-27